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Yellow And Grey Wall Decor Design Ideas

There is definitely no doubt that having yellow and grey wall decor would be a great idea to create a chic and cool space. You might, or might not, already know that yellow and grey are some of the most favorite color combinations. Furthermore, the combination works so well with modern and contemporary interior design.

Some ways to style yellow and grey:

As we have mentioned above, yellow and grey make a good combination that is loved by many. Thus, it would be great if you plan to have these colors in your room decor too. Here are some ways you can try to style the two colors together.

  • To begin with, you can try peppering a grey wall with some yellow ornaments.
  • Furthermore, it would be a great idea to paint yellow accents to a tonal grey wall.
  • Or else, for a more earthy vibe, you can combine mustard hues and soft gray color hues.


To help you have a clearer picture, here are some images of yellow and grey wall decor ideas.

Abstract Framed Geometric Pictures In Yellow Grey

micsunny arstract black grey yellow geometry picture

Source: www.aliexpress.com

When it comes to combining grey and yellow, it would be great to also have black and white. The two colors blend with grey and yellow so well. Furthermore, having the pictures framed makes them look neater.

Live Laugh Love Wall Arts For A Cozy Bedroom

live laugh love wall art yellow gray bedroom wall decor etsy

Source: www.etsy.com

Creating a cozy bedroom is easier when you combine yellow and grey color hues. As you can see in the picture above, the framed quote wall arts give off a comfortable vibe to the soft-colored bedroom design.

Inspiring Framed Wall Items For A Chic Living Room

aliexpress buy geometric abstract yellow gray black

Source: www.aliexpress.com

Again, it is another example of how well yellow and grey look great with white and black. I personally love how the framed wall items beautify the greyish living room.

Yellow and Grey Wall Decor With Canvas Wall Art

mustard yellow grey living room canvas wall art

Source: www.wallfillers.co.uk

Instead of going with bright yellow, you can also blend grey with mustard yellow. As shown in the above wall art, mustard yellow looks so well with grey and white too.

Wall Painting In Grey And Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow grey painting bathroom canvas pictures

Source: www.wallfillers.co.uk

The yellow and grey canvas painting above creates a stunning focal point in your space. Furthermore, it looks great with the wooden furniture and plain wall.

2-piece Wall Decor Set In Yellow And Grey

2 pieces geometric yellow white grey print painting

Source: www.pinterest.com

Even though the wall is greyish, you still can decorate it with greyish wall pieces too. Hence, you need the black frames around the wall pieces to make a great design.

Stunning Grey Wall Canvas Painting

the best grey canvas wall art

Source: www.bernardbeneito.com

What a stunning painting! The big canvas painting makes a great centerpiece in an empty wall. Furthermore, the grey color hues as the basis of the painting highlight the flower even more.

Best Art In Yellow And Grey Wall Decor

yellow gray wall decor home photo art surreal sunflowers

Source: www.ebay.com

This sunflowers surreal photo art is my personal favorite. It simply looks brilliant. Moreover, the grey stones spotlight the yellow flowers even more.

Vintage Yellow And Grey Wall Photo Print

yellow gray wall art photo print vintage outhouse home

Source: www.ebay.com

This yellow and grey photo print makes great wall art for those who want to bring vintage ambiance into the room. Besides, the splashes of colorful little flowers make it even more enchanting.

Blur Abstract Wall Piece In Yellow And Grey

shop designart grey and yellow blur abstract abstract

Source: www.overstock.com

In case you prefer an abstract wall art piece, here is a perfect idea to try. The abstract art in yellow and grey feels complete with a splash of white here and there.

Decorating Greyish Room With Yellow Wallpaper

sunny with a slight overcast decorating with yellow and

Source: yourdesignpartner.com

You can put yellow wallpaper to beautify a room dominated by grey. As shown above, the yellow wallpaper makes the room prettier. Besides, it goes well with the yellow and grey furniture.

Large Abstract Wooden Wall Pieces

large yellow grey painting abstract bedroom canvas wall

Source: www.wallfillers.co.uk

For those who are not fond of a large painting, you still can create a centerpiece on your wall with this 4-piece painting set. As always, the well-blent colors create a gorgeous look.

Yellow White Grey Wall Frames For Modern Design

yellow and grey home decor picture frames modern wall decor

Source: www.etsy.com

Bring your modern design alive with these wonderful wall frames! The wall frames are available in gorgeous color tones of white, grey, and yellow.

Yellow Grey Wall Decor With Black Frames

yellow and gray wall art yellow and gray decor

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is another wall decor idea that utilizes black wooden frames. The black frames help in highlighting the yellow and grey sketches.

Gorgeous Flowers Wall Frames

yellow wall art yellow and gray print yellow gray decor

Source: www.etsy.com

The lighter shade of grey goes so well with the refreshing yellow tone. In addition, the yellow tone looks brighter compared with the plain white background. This gorgeous wall frames idea will definitely never go wrong.

Kicthen Wall Ornamnets In Yellow And Grey Tones

yellow gray kitchen wall art gray yellow kitchen prints

Source: www.pinterest.com

Spice up your kitchen wall with these amazing wall frames! Furthermore, the colors of yellow, grey, black, and white will never go wrong for a chic interior design.

Loving Birds On Tree Branches Wall Art

the best gray and yellow wall art

Source: www.bernardbeneito.com

Here is one of the best yellow and grey wall decor ideas you can try. The combination of yellow flowers with black branches and grey background creates an excellent wall art.

Yellow And Grey Cloud 5-Piece Wall Painting Set

5 pc set grey and yellow abstract cloud no frame oil

Source: www.aliexpress.com

The big cloud oil painting, as shown above, can be a great focal point in your space. In addition, you can create a modern style with the simple wooden furniture.

Beautiful Wall Painting In Grey And Yellow

yellow grey painting abstract painting original artwork

Source: www.pinterest.com

What stunning artwork! The yellow flowers brighten the grey base of the painting. Besides, the combination creates a wonderful wall centerpiece you can place in a contemporary living room.

Mustard Yellow And Grey Wall Decor

mustard yellow grey kitchen canvas wall art decorations

Source: www.wallfillers.co.uk

Classy yet modern wall decor can be achieved by combining mustard yellow and grey, as shown above. This nice-looking wall art will improve the overall look of the room.

The Best Yellow-Grey Canvas Wall Arts

wall art textured yellow and grey abstract murraydesignshop

Source: www.etsy.com

Here is one of the best collections you can get at Etsy. The yellow-grey wall arts look great regardless of the angle you look at it from.

Decorative Frames 3-piece Set

grey gray yellow tree wall decor tree print set of 3 trees

Source: www.etsy.com

The decorative frames look great with tree branches prints. Furthermore, the yellow and grey color combination looks good with the black frames.

Grey And Mustard Spiral Swirl Abstract Wall Painting

mustard yellow and grey spiral swirl abstract canvas

Source: www.pinterest.com

Here is another example of hanging a big wall art as a focal point of an empty wall. The mustard and grey color hues look great with the spiral swirl abstract pattern.

Flower Canvas Prints To Beautify Your Greyish Bedroom

yellow gray wall art canvas or print yellow gray bedroom

Source: www.etsy.com

You need a touch of yellow in a bedroom dominated by grey color tones. Hence, you can create a chic bedroom without having too many colors.

Grey And Yellow Wall Decor With Abstract Pattern

shop designart grey and yellow abstract pattern abstract

Source: www.overstock.com

An abstract wall piece can be a good centerpiece in a living or dining room. As shown above, the yellow-grey abstract wall piece improves the vibe along with the cushions of the same pattern.

Best Yellow And Grey Abstract Wall Art

2020 latest yellow and grey abstract wall art

Source: www.bernardbeneito.com

Even if you paint your wall yellow, it doesn’t mean you cannot have yellow wall art. The above idea is a good example. The yellow on the wall and the wall art are of different hues. Thus, they look good side by side.

In Summary:

How was it? We do hope the ideas we have presented above somehow inspire you to create your own yellow and grey wall decor. Please do remember that:

  • creating a comfy space takes time,
  • and it’s okay to experiment with new things when it comes to decorating walls.

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