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Dream Catcher Wall Decor Gorgeous Designs

Here, we will hook you up with dream catcher wall decor gorgeous designs. There will be plenty of designs to choose from. Thus, even if it is your first time decorating walls with dream catchers, it should not be too hard. You can scroll through the page and choose your favorite designs.

What you need to know about dream catchers:

Before going directly to beautiful designs of dream catchers, let us know a bit further about them. Dream catchers are closely related to the Native American culture in general. However, it is believed that the origin is related to the Ojibwe mythology. In the Ojibwe story, the dream catcher was first made to continue protecting the tribe especially young children from afar. Then, it continues until now.

Next, let’s learn about the meaning of the dream catcher. Firstly, from the shape, the circle represents the circle of life. Besides, it also means how things like the sun and the moon travel across the sky. Secondly, the web is meant to catch bad dreams during the night. Then, it gets rid of the bad dreams as the day comes. Thirdly, the feathers perform as a fluffy pillows-like ladder. The ladder allows the good dreams to gently come to the sleeping person without disturbance. As explained, it is believed that dream catchers help catch bad dreams and turn them into good dreams. Thus, a lot of people adore them as magical protection. Hence, it also means that having dream catchers as home decorations would be so lovely and meaningful. Don’t you think so?


Let’s have a look at the beautiful dream catchers below.

Beautiful Native American Dream Catchers

authentic native american dream catcher wall hanging dream


We start strong with this beautiful Native American-inspired dream catcher. The combination of brown and blue is simply gorgeous.

Dream Catcher Design In Turquoise

turquoise dream catcher green gold dreamcatcher large


Here comes a perfect dream catcher design for those who love turquoise. The addition of white and pink also upscale the beauty.

Pink Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher

handmade heart shaped dream catcher car or wall hanging


The pink heart-shaped dream catcher would be a meaningful gift for lovers. Furthermore, the look is completed with silver beads.

Indian Style White Dream Catcher Wall Decor

1pcs handmade dream catcher indian style woven wall


For a minimalist addition to your home, this Indian-style white dream catcher would make a perfect choice. In addition, the simple design makes it suitable for any wall color.

Blue Butterfly Dream Catcher Idea

dream catcher dream catcher butterfly dreamcatcher wall


The blue butterfly makes a lovely addition to the dream catcher. Moreover, the feathers have beautiful patterns on them.

Homemade Boho Style Dream Catcher

boho moon dream catcher bohemian wall hanging neutral


You can also opt for this boho-style dream catcher. The white color makes it neutral and thus suitable for any wall color.

Wall Decoration With Boho Dream Catcher

boho tapestry wall hanging boho dreamcatcher large dream


Here is another design for those looking for boho-style dream catchers. The colorful item would look great on a white wall.

Dream Catcher In Black With Colorful Beads

dream catcher large black handmade with leather beads


Here is a beautiful dream catcher in black with colorful beads. Go grab yours at eBay!

Brown And Green Dream Catcher

dream catcher handmade dreamcatcher peacock feathers


The pairing of brown and green would also make a nice dream catcher. In addition, the peacock feathers have naturally beautiful patterns.

Large Dream Catcher Wall Item

the large dream catcher wall hanging has shades of cream


A large dream catcher with shades of cream would never fail to be impressive. In addition, it looks great even on a white plain wall.

Decorative Dream Catchers In White

handmade indian decorative dream catcher wall hanging


The beautiful white dream catcher looks great on the black wall. If you are interested, you can get on for yourself through the link above.

Wall Hanging Macrame Dream Catchers

macrame wall hanging dream catcher unique gift ideal


This unique macrame dream catcher would make a beautiful gift for your loved ones. You can get it on eBay!

Wooden Dream Catcher With Brown Feathers

1pes hanging dream catcher with feathers wooden owl wall


The combination of brown and black would never be wrong. As you can see above, the pairing makes a stunning dream catcher on the wooden web.

Succulent Dream Catcher Boho Style

succulent dreamcatcher boho wall decor floral dream


Here comes another stunning entry for boho-style dream catchers. In addition, it is wonderful that it comes with succulent decorations too.

Crescent Moon Dream Catcher Wall Decor

crescent moon dreamcatcher wall dcor moon dreamcatcher


For a different design for your dream catcher, you can opt for this lovely crescent moon dream catcher for your wall decoration.

Personalized White Dream Catcher Idea

55cm handmade indian dream catcher net with feathers wind


For minimalist room decoration, you can go with this white dream catcher. The design is simple yet pleasing to look at.

Vintage Hanging Dream Catcher

vintage dream catcher home decor wall hanging pink peach


Seen above is a vintage dream catcher in white. The simple design would make it a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

Mandala Crescent Moon Dream Catcher Design

crescent moon dream catcher wall decor wholesale at


You can see above that a crescent moon shape is perfect for a dream catcher. In addition, the mandala pattern adds a beautiful, abstract vibe to it.

Dreamy White Dream Catcher Idea

white dream catcher bohemian wall decoration dreamcatcher


If you don’t want to go wrong, you can always go with a white dream catcher. White is a versatile color. Thus, it will look great on any room decor.

Stunning Mint Dream Catcher Collection

dream catcher wall hanging large dream catcher mint dream


A subtle mint tone added to the white dream catcher looks stunning! It would be a nice focal point on the wall.

DIY Colorful Rainbow Dream Catcher

40cm feather crafts dream catcher colorful hook flower


For a more refreshing look, you can go with this colorful rainbow dream catcher!

Yin And Yang Dream Catcher

yin yang dreams catcher dream catcher wall hanging


The black and white yin and yang dream catcher can act as forces that interact to form harmony. Therefore, it would make a perfect item on the wall.

Boho-Style Dream Catchers Wall Decorations

large dream catcher boho wall hanging large dreamcatcher


Decorate the walls with some boho stuff with these stunning dream catchers!

White And Purple Dream Catcher Design

diy handmade decorative dream catcher wall hanging


White and purple will never look bad together. Hence, you can opt for this beautiful dream catcher in white and purple.

Beautiful Indian White Dream Catcher

wind chimes handmade indian dream catcher net flower dream


Here is another beautiful Indian dream catcher to choose from. Furthermore, the flower shape for the web adds beauty to the already beautiful dream catcher.

Dream Catcher With White Beads And Feathers

large dream catcher wall hanging mandala indian


Last but not least, here is a stunning dream catcher in white. If you think an all-white dream catcher might be boring, you need to get your hands on this one.

In Summary:

Those are gorgeous designs of dream catchers. How was it? Did you enjoy scrolling through the post? Wd do hope so! Among the many dream catchers we have shown you above, we hope you find some favorites. In addition, you can pick the right one that matches your home.

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